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Kinesiology Study

How does Kinesiology and Neuro-Training work?

Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines, which use non-invasive 'muscle-monitoring or muscle checking'. It is used as an evaluative process to gauge a person's wellbeing and their ability to adapt to different stressors in life.

We can use the muscle checking to identify many things because our body and our nervous system store all the subconscious memories and patterns of our whole life experience.

We register our stress reactions as signals on a feedback loop, deep within our nervous system. Monitoring the muscles enables us to access these feedback loops, which in turn enables a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner or Neuro-Trainer to evaluate how well you are adapting to your life. The stress in your life could be physical, emotional, toxic, psychological, structural, financial, relationship, family or express itself in other energetic forms. Contact us for an up to date course guide.


Can Kinesiology work on everyone?

The muscle checking can be performed on babies, children or adults. The Kinesiology approach uses the premise that our body has inherent wisdom to heal itself. We simply need to tap into this wisdom/intelligence to direct it better. That way, we direct our recuperation with more congruence and integration.

Where does Kinesiology come from?

The word Kinesiology comes from the word kinetic, meaning moving energy. Kinesiology is the practice of muscle monitoring or muscle checking, first developed in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, an American Chiropractor.

Kinesiology is a unique form of holistic therapy. It combines Eastern medicine philosophies with Western understandings of anatomy and physiology. It works to promote physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

Kinesiology not only identifies the factors blocking your healing processes, but can also identify your resources and strengths too. This is the primary focus of the 'Solution Oriented Kinesiology Approach' delivered by Neuro-Training. You don’t have to be sick or have a problem to benefit from a Kinesiology session.

What is Neuro-Training and how does it work with Kinesiology?

The Neuro-Training approach uses Kinesiology as an evaluative process and applies the Neuro-Training for recuperation a congruent way.

One of the most reliable systems we have is our genetic system. Much of the processes and techniques used by Neuro-training take advantage of the enormous potential we have within our genetic make up. This way we are not working with belief, the latest trend or just a good idea. We are working with systems within you that are already there. The Neuro-Training Kinesiology directs your inherent systems to express themselves in a more competent and integrated way.

Study for enhancing your profession

Adding Kinesiology to your Health Profession If you are already an alternative health practitioner, learning Kinesiology and Neuro-Training is a valuable resource to add to your existing profession. Kinesiology allows you to pin point specific requirements needed by your client.

For example: If you are an Aromatherapist you can use Kinesiology to verify if you need more or less oils in a certain blend. Many alternative therapists have added Kinesiology to their professional toolbox, providing a more refined edge to their work.

Contact us for your request our course guide now.




The Activation Certificates are designed for you to have the tools necessary to help yourself feel better. Activate your health again. For more information on how you can feel better in just one day refer to our training schedule.



Face Trait reading and analysis for better communication and self-development. It was developed in the 40's and used by the current law system in its time. Your facial characteristics allow you to understand more about your abilities and values. Learn why you and your partner or you're your boss may sometimes clash in personality style. Understand your friends, other employees and family so much more. It's fun, enlightening and inspiring. For more information see.



The College of Neuro-Training created Kinesiology and Neuro-Training modules that instantly became a huge success around the Kinesiology globe. Thousand's of people worldwide from Australia, United States, Spain, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and many other European countries have experienced massive success through their own study and personal empowerment. An internationally recognized qualification with industry accreditation by the Australian Kinesiology Association. Studied either concurrently with the Diploma of Kinesiology or on its own. For more information click on our training page 

The benefits of studying with us are -

  • Training on the importance of working with recuperation.
  • The latest research in Neuro-Science and its integration into the practical applications with clients.
  • Material that works within the Laws of Nature when applying Kinesiology.
  • The means to assist yourself and others to increase the quality of your spirit.
  • A common sense study of the function of human behavior in a way that can be used to support personal growth.
  • Kinesiology information that takes full advantage of your inherent resources and uses your genetic makeup as a means of supporting your desires and goals.
  • Knowledge on learning how to integrate other Kinesiology, modalities and other principles of human activity.
  • A national network of highly qualified Authorized Neuro-Trainers who have considerable vocational experience and are passionate about Neuro-Training and Kinesiology.
  • Online Training that is a mix of essential theory and practice.

FREE Article & Kinesiology Checklist

All you need to know before you study Kinesiology! Stay tuned to our latest developments in Kinesiology and the Neuro-Sciences. Add your details to find out more.



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I developed psoriasis at the age of 32 all over my body and scalp. Having always had great olive skin this came as a terrible shock. I was heavily involved in competitive sports and had to give it up due to an allergy to the sun and the sheer embarrassment of what my skin looked like. My long-term career as a fitness and aerobic instructor suffered as I also gave up teaching classes. For 2 years I researched and tried every diet, spray, oil, lotion, soap, visited every skin clinic doctors, specialists and alternative therapies. I spend thousands of dollars in total.

After seeing Jenni Beasley, at first, I was sceptical after all my previous experiences. Jenni was very honest and openly explained that it would take a positive mind and a lot of hard work and commitment on my behalf.

Each session with Jenni I learnt about the triggers that made my skin flare up and how to deal with them. I had to have a really good look at myself, my life style and make positive changes. Within 8 months my skin was clear. I never thought I would get better and to have this happen was incredible. Funnily enough, in the end it was more important to me as to how I felt on the inside and how much stronger I knew I had become. The fact that I knew I could deal with everything in my life so much better became more important. Two years on I have only had one relapse due to stress. It was nowhere near as bad as my first outbreak and only took half the time to clear up. This is so re-assuring. If you truly wish to help yourself then Jenni Beasley is the person to see, she is at the top of her field and is the prefect balance of compassionate and professional. You will get no airy-fairy behaviour or empty promises from Jenni just an opportunity to learn how to change your whole life. I am so grateful that I finally found someone who I can totally trust with my health and I thank you Jenni for everything you have done for me.
Bronwyn B. Gold Coast.

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