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About Us

Every person should have the opportunity to find their true strength, courage and powers of recuperation. We offer this through personal sessions or study. 

We are committed to the expansion of Neuro-Training and Kinesiology through the expression of individual potential. Each person has a unique quality and life force in which they should be free to express.

Delivered through the College of Neuro-Training.  We offer on line the the Diploma of Neuro-Training other certificates in Neuro-Training.

We provide comprehensive training based on highly successful and sought after Kinesiology and Neuro-Training courses.

Teaching and researching for over 38 years enables us to offer courses with Neuroscience, Kinesiology, Neuro-Training, Naturopathic and Homeopathic principles, advanced Nutrition and the energetic sciences.

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Jennifer Beasley

Director of Kinesiology Info and Neuro-Intelligence 

CEO for the College of Neuro-Training


Please contact us today to discuss options for your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please call 0416 706 004 for a free 15 minute pre-study consult.


Jennifer Beasley works within the leading edge of healing technologies and self-development practices.

Jennifer is a Neuro-Trainer, Kinesiologist, Naturopath and a highly skilled practitioner who is passionate about alleviating the barriers so people can feel healthy and at rest again. 

As the Director of Kinesiology Info and Neuro-Intelligence Institute, and the College of Neuro-Training, Jennifer has travelled not only throughout Australia but also written many articles on the natural laws of healing, recuperation to vaccination damage, and stress defusion.

Jennifer is commended for her teaching and presentation style from many students throughout Australia. Operating clinics and a college campus providing clients and students with one-on-one  or group support. Well known and respected in her field, Jennifer has practiced for 38 years throughout Australia.

A private session with Jennifer is one of those things that must be experienced first-hand to be fully understood, but her testimonials are very powerful. Her technique can be used for a whole range of stress-related issues and physical conditions. From reducing allergies, eliminating the toxic overload of medications, weight loss, hormone control, building confidence and freeing people from anxiety.

Jennifer offers free presentations and classes, self help Activation classes, Face Trait personality classes, Mentor programs and a Diploma of Neuro-Training through the College of Neuro-Training.

Jennifer is recognized nationally and internationally as a speaker and lecturer. Other qualifications include: Advanced Diploma in Special Education, Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine. Other Certificates - Homeopathy, Iridology, Neurology, Acupressure, Reading faces, Spiritual practice and well-being.

Member: Aust. Kinesiology Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Executive and Instructor Trainer of Neuro-Training. Her extensive training and knowledge in so many therapeutic modalities is her reason for such profound results.










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I developed psoriasis at the age of 32 all over my body and scalp. Having always had great olive skin this came as a terrible shock. I was heavily involved in competitive sports and had to give it up due to an allergy to the sun and the sheer embarrassment of what my skin looked like. My long-term career as a fitness and aerobic instructor suffered as I also gave up teaching classes. For 2 years I researched and tried every diet, spray, oil, lotion, soap, visited every skin clinic doctors, specialists and alternative therapies. I spend thousands of dollars in total.

After seeing Jenni Beasley, at first, I was sceptical after all my previous experiences. Jenni was very honest and openly explained that it would take a positive mind and a lot of hard work and commitment on my behalf.

Each session with Jenni I learnt about the triggers that made my skin flare up and how to deal with them. I had to have a really good look at myself, my life style and make positive changes. Within 8 months my skin was clear. I never thought I would get better and to have this happen was incredible. Funnily enough, in the end it was more important to me as to how I felt on the inside and how much stronger I knew I had become. The fact that I knew I could deal with everything in my life so much better became more important. Two years on I have only had one relapse due to stress. It was nowhere near as bad as my first outbreak and only took half the time to clear up. This is so re-assuring. If you truly wish to help yourself then Jenni Beasley is the person to see, she is at the top of her field and is the prefect balance of compassionate and professional. You will get no airy-fairy behaviour or empty promises from Jenni just an opportunity to learn how to change your whole life. I am so grateful that I finally found someone who I can totally trust with my health and I thank you Jenni for everything you have done for me.
Bronwyn B. Gold Coast.

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