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15 steps to reduce your stress levels

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For more information on the Diploma of Neuro-Training visit the College of Neuro-Training.

For more information on Kinesiology visit the Australian Institute for Kinesiologists www.AIK.org.au


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The consults with Jenni has lead to my financial status improving greatly and my health and my outlook on life so much better. Having my financial intelligence directed as a strong resource has my stocks and share strategies working with a lot more profits. As a result I have increased my financial wealth much more this year. Jenni has also helped my physical nervous system. This was a problem my doctors said was 'just me' when I was a child. I am now relaxed, feeling strong and confident. My nutrition is also being supported by food and supplement changes as well.
Mark S, Gold Coast

As a Neuro-Trainer and Kinesiology practitioner for 20 years, I have observed major changers in the lives of clients and students. It has added greater depth to my work and created profound results.
Rhonda H. Vic

After my very first session I felt free. It was an amazing feeling.
Jude B, Melb

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