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Welcome to the College of
Neuro-Training - Australia

Imagine learning how to recuperate naturally and using that knowledge for the rest of your life.

Most people fail to achieve their dreams because their deep subconscious patterns take over. It’s like they have no control and something has turned off their wellness button.

Being stuck in the same job, frustrated with a physical problem or unhappy in a relationship can feel like you've stopped dead at the edge of your potential.

CONTACT US for your free comprehensive checklist to find out why using Neuro-Training and Kinesiology combined has so many more advantages.

Be sure to find out everything you should know before you choose to study any Kinesiology.

The latest research in neurosciences recognize how the habitual patterns keep you limited and establishing new habits is a powerful solution to achieving your desires.

The benefits of combining Neuro-Training with Kinesiology are many. A new sense of clarity, purpose and direction have been experienced by many. Sculpting the patterns of your subconscious to attain what you want has amazing outcomes.

We offer:

Small classes


Diploma of Neuro-Training

Contact us now for our comprehensive course guide

Request our course guide now.

Developed by pioneers in the Kinesiology industry and delivered through the College of Neuro-Training.

Experience our personal or professional study that moves you beyond the deep subconscious challenges that have conditioned you to stay the same.

Neuro-Training trains you from the inside-out. It breaks up the bad habits that have conditioned you to respond in a predictable way and establishes the foundations of an amazing brain network of new possibilities. It’s like de-activating the bad loops in your brain that hold you back and re-activate the supportive loops so the fulfilment switch is turned on again.


Looking where to start your study?

"I'm just a beginner"

Option One: Activation Certificate

Our 'One Day to Wellness' courses are perfect for absolute beginners who want to know more about how to use Neuro-Training to boost your health. Study one day or the whole four days. 

Option Two: Special interest, short courses     

Two or more days including Face Trait reading for better relationship undestanding, or  certificates in Activating Women's Wellness.

Option Three: Recuperation Certificate

This may be studied for personal interest or added to your current qualifications. Kinesiology and Neuro-Training combined. Ask about our Recuperation Certificate

"I want to be a practitioner"

Option Four: SONT Certificate and Diploma of NT
You are serious about changing your life and career study these proven procedures you'll discover the faster track to success in the healing industry.

12-18 month study SONT Certificate or

2-3 year Diploma of Neuro-Training.

The Details:

ACTIVATION CERTIFICATE - feel better in just one day.

The Activation Certificates are designed for you to have the tools necessary to help yourself feel better. Activate your health again. For more information on how you can feel better in just one day refer to our training schedule.

short courses and special interest programs

Face Trait reading and analysis for better communication and self-development. It was developed in the 40's and used by the current law system in its time. Your facial characteristics allow you to understand more about your abilities and values. Learn why you and your partner or you're your boss may sometimes clash in personality style. Understand your friends, other employees and family so much more. It's fun, enlightening and inspiring. For more information see.

Diploma of Neuro-Training

The College of Neuro-Training created Kinesiology and Neuro-Training modules that instantly became a huge success around the Kinesiology globe. Thousand's of people worldwide from Australia, United States, Spain, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and many other European countries have experienced massive success through their own study and personal empowerment. An internationally recognized qualification with industry accreditation by the Australian Kinesiology Association. Studied either concurrently with the Diploma of Kinesiology or on its own. For more information click on our training page

The Benefits of studying with us

  • Combining this professional kinesiology study with the principles of Neuro-Training has put the College of Neuro-Training at the leading edge of vocational training in the healing arts.
  • With over 38 years of research and application, our training features the extra-ordinary when it comes to providing a comprehensive professional qualification.
  • Our Diploma  provides training in the skills and artistry required to become a respected practitioner in the field of Neuro-Training and Kinesiology within Australia.
  • Start your own business in an exciting and rewarding field. Study from exceptionally designed courses that will equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to practice as a Neuro-Trainer using Kinesiology and be nationally recognised within Australia.
  • Study with a national network of highly qualified Authorised Practitioners and Trainers who have considerable vocational experience and are passionate about Kinesiology and Neuro-Training.
  • We offer a comprehensive course that encompasses the world of Kinesiology understanding how your inherited patterns can be a resource for healing and recuperation.
  • The training is mixed with essential theory and practical application with ample time for hands on practise of your new skills.

For more information contact us for our comprehensive course guide.

FREE Article & Kinesiology Checklist

All you need to know before you study Kinesiology! Stay tuned to our latest developments in Kinesiology and the Neuro-Sciences. Add your details to find out more.



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The Neuro-Training College courses have given me ways of removing the limitations to positive behaviours and clear thinking in my clients. It has added greater depth to my work and created profound results.
Deborah B. NSW

As a Neuro-Trainer and Kinesiology practitioner for 20 years, I have observed major changers in the lives of clients and students. It has added greater depth to my work and created profound results.
Rhonda H. Vic

I often say the 'Kinesiology programs and sessions saved me'. Having suffered serious adverse effects of HRT, I was facing immediate preventative surgery due to pre-malignant conditions that would have led to uterine and breast cancers. I also had a thyroid condition that required life long medication. Thanks to a program of Kinesiology with a caring practitioner I am now well again, without surgery and without medication.
Brenda Y, Melbourne

Jenni, I find your presentations interesting and informative. You are a great teacher.
Lindsay J. Lismore

When I first saw Jenni Beasley in February 2009, I had been living with anxiety and panic attacks for approximately 3 years. I had tried numerous things to relieve the attacks but nothing really worked and the fear and reality of them constantly haunted me. I was truly scared for my future. By May 2009 my life has turned around. I have not had a panic/anxiety attack. It is not merely the absence of these attacks that has made the difference it is a whole new sense of well-being that fills me each and every day. I absolutely recommend anybody to take this journey into healing through Kinesiology and Neuro-Training. I know I will never look back.
Sally M.

I am 22 years old and Jenni has been my Kinesiology Practitioner for 20 years. My sessions with Jenni help me to regain focus on the tasks I'm involved in whether they be or have been: schooling, personal health, social or career choices. After seeing Jenni I feel refuelled, re-charged and my motivation levels are dramatically improved. I enjoy seeing Jenni as it enables me to stay balanced and have a clear perspective on all areas of my life.
Andrew L, Melbourne.

When I first visited for appointments I was an anorexic, obsessive, and shackled by fears habits and beliefs. Thanks to the extraordinary skills I learned in the workshops and seeing Jenni personally, I have been able to acknowledge and shed the past, accept myself, step forward and embrace life joyfully as a whole person.
Mrs Annette. B, Melbourne.

The consults with Jenni has lead to my financial status improving greatly and my health and my outlook on life so much better. Having my financial intelligence directed as a strong resource has my stocks and share strategies working with a lot more profits. As a result I have increased my financial wealth much more this year. Jenni has also helped my physical nervous system. This was a problem my doctors said was 'just me' when I was a child. I am now relaxed, feeling strong and confident. My nutrition is also being supported by food and supplement changes as well.
Mark S, Gold Coast

Our four year old son was having a few social and behavioural problems at kindergarten (aggression, snatching, tantrums etc) so we made an appointment to see Kinesiologist, Jenni Beasley. I'm thrilled to say Daniel has responded very positively to his treatment. The changes in Daniel have been almost instant. His teacher reports that his behaviour at kindergarten is much better and she has not had to discipline him since! And at home, we have a much calmer and happier little boy.
Jane G. Gordon Vic

In January 2003, I first began to itch on my scalp, which progressed to my back, chest, and groin area. The severity of the itching, at times reduced me to tears. I had difficulty performing normal daily functions. Over the course of the next 2.5 years I saw numerous professional people including: General Practitioners, Skin Specialists, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Hormone therapists and had spent in excess of $10000, I was in a desperate state. After my initial appointment with Jenni Beasley in February 2006, I walked out of her clinic without any sign of an itch. It was an amazing feeling and I remember crying out of sheer relief and joy. Currently I am itch free and continue to see Jenni several times a year to maintain my wellbeing.
Bis A. QLD

After my very first session I felt free. It was an amazing feeling.
Jude B, Melb

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